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cover, Positive Reinforcement

Okay everyone, here is a quick peek into Dale's home life...

"Dale hurried down the hallway and through the living room, following the smells of coffee and something baking in the kitchen...

Grant stood at the end of the center island counter spreading red frosting over the tops of a batch of sugar cookies. Hearts and flowers covered every available surface, the red and white gooey mess filling the air with the scent of warm sugar. The sleeves of Grant's blue sweat suit were pushed up to his elbows, and his forearms were covered in flour and frosting. He even had a red smudge over one eyebrow, and red and white smears covered the front of his shirt.

The sight that met him would have made most people laugh, but in Dale's current mood, the chaos of cookies and candies scattered everywhere only pissed him off more. The almost childlike glee apparent on his lover's face excited his libido anew, which did nothing calm his raging temper.

"What the hell is all this shit?" Dale lifted the corner of the nearest cookie sheet and then dropped it, causing it to fall unceremoniously back onto the counter and sending cookies scattering across the counter and over onto the floor. Grant's hands stilled over the cookies he was working on, and he raised his head, blinking at Dale in surprised confusion for a few seconds before his entire face lit back up in an excited grin. Damn. The man's unaffected joy for living made him seem more like an exuberant teenager than the mature professional he boasted being, and it made Dale feel almost ancient.

"Good morning love! There's a bagel on the table for you, and the coffee will be ready any second." Dale didn't return his smile, and Grant didn't seem to notice. The little blond simply went back to work icing the last few cookies in front of him. "Well, aren't you just a regular Martha Stewart this morning," Dale quipped, turning back to the table to look for his breakfast. It would take more than a few broken cookies to get a rise out his sweet tempered lover, but Dale felt sure he was up to the task.

Reaching the head of the table, Dale yanked the chair out, dragging the legs across the hardwood floor and making a loud screeching sound before dropping heavily into it. "Oh good grief, Grant, what the hell has gotten into you this morning? What is all this shit? "Sitting on the table in front of Dale was a heart shaped bagel covered with pink cream cheese. A bowl of strawberries sat next to the bagel, and two heart-shaped slices of strawberry were placed on top of the bagel, overlapping each other along the edge of the cream cheese heart. Rolling his eyes, Dale shoved the edge of the bagel into his mouth and took a big bite, trying not to moan in appreciation; he was still pissed after all.

Across the room, Grant finished with the cookies and went to the sink to wash up. He didn't bother to respond to Dale's banter; he never did. The change in position of course gave Dale an excellent view of the slender man's back, and when the lithe body leaned over to turn the water on, Dale had to stifle another kind of moan. His arousal returned full force in reaction to Grant's tight backside on display with only a pair of thin sweatpants between his eyes and the prize. Grant shrugged as he rubbed the soap onto his hands and arms, drawing the hem of his shirt up and revealing the smooth, pale skin of his back above the loose waistband, which hung so low on his hips that the crack of his ass peeked out. The vision before him and the images they conjured almost distracted Dale from hearing Grant's sudden, unexpected response.

"Well, I just figured today would be an excellent opportunity to show everyone my appreciation, you know? It's been a long hard winter, and everyone is tired and worn out and cranky. My students have really been working hard this semester, and I don't want to see anyone get discouraged. I just thought it would be nice to make today fun, you know? Give everyone a little positive reinforcement instead of just throwing more deadlines into their schedules." Grant turned around and leaned against the sink behind him, shrugging again and showing off his flat stomach.

Dale groaned and closed his eyes, blocking the sight of Grant's pale skin and the soft blond curls peeking out above his lover's waistband. His hard-on had returned with a vengeance, the zipper of his dress pants digging into the sensitive skin of his shaft and wrapping his balls in an agonizing stranglehold. The discomfort reminded Dale that he had woken up alone and unsatisfied, and his irritation intensified with the news that Grant had abandoned him to make cookies for a bunch of snot-nosed high school dropouts! The fact that he didn't have the time to take care of his current growing problem only made matters worse.

Dale chewed away angrily at his second bite of bagel, trying to settle the mixture of rage and lust that coursed through him. Swallowing the well-chewed mouthful, Dale opened his eyes and glared at his oblivious lover. "You have got to be shitting me. You teach a room full of stupid fuck-ups who didn't have enough brains to graduate high school the first time around. Most of them still don't give a damn, and you thought it would be a good idea to reward them? For what? Last I checked, laziness, ignorance, and stupidity weren't qualities for a person to celebrate."

Grant raised an eyebrow but didn't comment. Dale took another huge bite out of his bagel and leaned back in his chair, spreading his legs wide to give his erection more room. Trying to incite Grant's anger kept his blood flowing, and his lover's calm acceptance of his criticism made him even sexier

cover, Positive Reinforcement
Okay- Just to give everyone a little taste of what I am talking about I am going to share a brief snippet from the beginning of POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT!

Let me introduce you to Dale, the arrogant jerk who (eventually) becomes the hero of my story...


"The alarm clock on the bedside table blared to life and woke Dale Brighton from his erotic dream...

 Just when Dale had been about to climax, his lover's cries of passion had changed into the ear splitting sound of his alarm. Frustrated, he lashed out against the offending electronic, slamming his fist onto the off button.

When the high-pitched screeching finally stopped, Dale's attention returned to his raging hard-on. Smiling to himself, he rolled over and slid across the bed to Grant's side. He was still so turned on by his dream that he would only need a few moments buried inside his lover to achieve climax. He had time. Dale reached out for Grant, prepared to mount his man and take care of his need, but his arms came up empty. Groaning with renewed frustration, Dale opened his eyes to find himself alone on the massive bed.

He rolled back over onto his own side and glared up at the ceiling. Far too many mornings over the past year had begun this way, with Grant getting up early and leaving Dale to wake alone. Angrily he kicked the covers down and off his body before rolling off the side of the bed and heading for the bathroom and a hot shower. If he had to take care of himself he could at least do it in comfort. Stomping into the master bathroom he bypassed the large whirlpool tub and headed right for the shower, turning the water on as hot as it would get. Turning back to face the mirror over the sink Dale studied his reflection while he waited for the water to heat.

Thirty-four years old and his looks hadn't diminished in the least. Fierce brown eyes stared back at him from behind shaggy bangs. His long black hair hung down his neck, with a few strands falling in front over his wide shoulders. His heavily muscled torso gleamed with the sweat building in the growing heat from the shower. Dale saw a perfect example of masculine beauty reflected in the mirror before him, a physique that demanded the attention and worship of everyone who looked at him, male or female. With the snap of his fingers he could have nearly anyone he wanted laid out on his bed with their legs spread, begging for him.

Why the hell did he have to fall for someone so practical and hard working as Grant had turned out to be? ...


There, you see what I mean?!

New Cover
cover, Positive Reinforcement
The new cover for my Valentine's Day story POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT, due out Feb. 12 through Silver Publishing!

It keeps going...
cover, Positive Reinforcement

A little while ago I sat down and wrote a Valentine's Day short story. As is the case with almost all of my writing, it took on a life of it's own after the first two sentences and became something completely different than I'd intended. Instead of sending my handsome hero on a sugary-sweet frolic through a field of hearts and roses the way my outline suggested I created a monster; a man who desperately needs to learn the importance of giving love, and of appreciating it when love is given to him.

I have given this story the title POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT, and to my delighted surprise Silver Publishing has accepted my manuscript for publication. It has been declared too long to be included in the actual Valentines' Day Anthology, so instead it will be released as a stand alone Valentine's Day 'Sparkle' on February 12th. It went into the hands of an editor for the first edits yesterday, and I am anxious to see how that goes!

The release date for my other book, PLAY ALONG has been changed to April 2nd. I got my first bit of feedback from my editor for that book this morning, and I expect to start my first re-write early next week!

And that is all the news I have at the moment...

-Mathilde (ME)

What I'm currently up to...
cover, Positive Reinforcement
Okay, so a few weeks ago I was told my book PLAY ALONG would be released in February, but today I am told the release date has been pushed back because of scheduling conflicts and so that the editors could keep up! This saddens me of course; I hate waiting, and now I have to wait even longer! But the good news remains good enough to keep my spirits up. My book WILL be published in a few months; probably in April.

In the mean time I am working on a Valentine's day short story I plan on sending in to a call for submissions. I am about half way there, and plan on having it ready to go in the next day or two.

I also stumbled upon a call for submissions asking for stories with cowboys. I have two cowboy stories outlined in my "to write" folder, and if time permits I plan on preparing something for that call as well. I have a few months before that deadline, so it is a possibility. I figure it would be a good idea to spread myself out as much as possible, submitting work to several publishers in the hopes of getting as much of my writing out there as I can. I also figure this method will allow me to get a feel for what the industry is like, and what working with different publishers is like-- assuming my submissions are accepted of course!

With that idea in mind I am about a third of the way through writing a historical western M/F romance. I plan on submitting that story to a publisher that accepts both M/F and M/M stories because I also have a sequel outlined and waiting- a M/M story centering around some supporting characters.

PLUS- I have completed and am in the process of editing and cleaning up my first shifter story; the first in what I plan on turning into an entire series.

So I am keeping busy and loving it. I look forward to taking the next few steps along the journey of becoming a published author!

-Mathilde (ME)

Working things out...
cover, Positive Reinforcement
Okay, so here I go.
This is me, creating a 'web presence' of some sort...
Oddly enough I am really excited about it!

So- I am Mathilde Watson and I am a romance writer. I mostly write MM fiction, but every now and then a random 'straight' story will come to me too... and just this morning an idea for a menage hit me, so we'll see where that goes.

ANYWAY-- About two weeks ago I managed to find a publisher for my first book!  Being an avid reader as well, I know that lots of readers like to be able to look up the authors they like so that they can 'get to know' them and find all of their information in one convenient place... and lots of them like to talk, too!

So, this is where I'll be if anyone is interested!
As soon as I figure out how to use this thing I will post some specifics on my upcoming book release...

What I can tell you now is that the title is PLAY ALONG, it is an MM romance, and I expect it to be released on February 26th through Silver Publishing!!

And, Well.... That's all for now!

-Mathilde Watson (ME)


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